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Maximise Your Recruitment Investment

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This article first appeared in the November 2016 edition (Page 83) of AM Magazine.

Once you have spent the time, energy and money to find good staff, make sure they get off to a great start….

Having robust and effective recruitment and induction processes should go hand-in-hand.

In the October 2016 edition of AM Magazine we highlighted the importance of making good recruitment decisions.  So, let’s assume you have successfully recruited a new team member – what do you do next?

Induct them into your business

With access to on-line systems and company websites, it is easier now for new team members to start their induction before they even walk through your front door.

On day one though, new starters should gain an understanding of;

  • your corporate values,
  • ethics,
  • expected office/workshop etiquette,
  • where they fit in to their team,
  • who their boss is and
  • a clear understanding of what is expected in terms of work outputs.

By instilling these expectations in the beginning, your new recruits will have the best possible foundations in place to be an effective and productive team member.

Improper or even no induction can be a cost to your business.  If a new starter feels lost after their induction process, they may not ask for help which can then lead to mistakes being made. This creates a disadvantage in terms of employee efficiency, which can translate into poor company productivity – and at worst, you may lose a valuable employee very early on which takes you back to square one!

A proper, planned induction acts as reinforcement to new starters, that they made the right choice by coming to work for you.

So, make sure you maximise the investment you are making.


Induct them into your business



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