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AM Magazine Article – Leadership and Trust

If you truly lead others, you have to trust those that follow you to get on and do their job without you being a blockage to them. Importantly, they need to trust you too.

So, why is it that we trust some people and for some reason(s) simply do not trust others? What is it within us that makes us trust some people and not others?

Well, how we build trust can be measured by using a formula called The Trust Equation originated by Charles H Green and colleagues from New Jersey.


  • Credibility is about what we say – how believable you are?  Words
  • Reliability relates to our actions – can you be counted upon to do what you say you are going to do? Actions
  • Intimacy (not a word used much in business) considers how safe people feel sharing information with you – will your colleague (or customer) answer deep and relevant questions so you can better understand their needs? Emotions
  • Self (Orientation) Interest refers to where you put your focus – on yourself or your colleague.  Will you work together towards common goals, or are you more focussed on what the relationship can do for you?   Motives

So, if you are credible, reliable and make others feel safe and show interest in them rather than think what’s in it for me, then you are on the right lines to be a trusted leader.

Michelle Banister – GMD People

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