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What’s the Best Thing About Working in the Motor Trade?

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This article originally appeared in the January 2017 edition of the AM magazine (Page 79).  We feel it is continually relevant to the motor industry and should be upfront in people’s minds.

What’s the best thing about working in the automotive industry?

 As one of the sponsors at the AM Live events – Milton Keynes 2016 and NEC Birmingham 2017 –  we asked visitors to take part in a mini poll.

One of the questions we asked was – For someone thinking about joining the industry, what would you say is the best thing about working here?

The responses were varied but there were clear themes that came through:

  • the broad variety of roles the industry provides
  • the opportunity to realise ideas and take the initiative
  • working with some great people (and products!)

A key challenge for the automotive industry in particular, is attracting new people so we need to emphasise the opportunities and highlight how our industry has so much to offer – for youngsters and experienced people alike.

For those considering a career in automotive, here are three key areas that are worth showcasing when recruiting:

  1. Opportunities

Automotive is a vital part of the UK economy accounting for more than £70 billion turnover and employing more than 800,000 people. As such it offers job stability and opportunities for growth.

  1. Diversity

The array of different roles is vast – from technical and engineering to sales, marketing and logistics. Our industry is laden with great chances to face new challenges and to be successful.

  1. Technology

The car is one of the most high-tech consumer products on the market combining not only the obvious engineering but also new media digital applications including web and mobile phone connectivity and other smart technologies.

What do you say to potential new recruits who are thinking about a career in the motor industry?

The article gives the results – it is a great place to work, come and join us!


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