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Changes at GMD

Big News at GMD

GMD People Limited was incorporated in January 2001 by Nigel and Michelle Banister. Since then, the business has successfully worked with various organisations in the ...
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Managing conflict in the workplace

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Leadership and conflict go hand in hand, and how leaders manage these situations can have a direct impact on your business. From petty grievances to ...
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How does management performance impact on your business’s productivity?

How does Management Performance Impact on your Business’s Productivity?

The role your managers play in the workplace is possibly the most significant in terms of the impact it can have on your business’s productivity, ...
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Good or Bad Management skills

How Good or Bad Management Skills Impact on Productivity and Business

Experts have recently reported that our current decline in productivity growth is due to poor management, coupled with a lack of investment in skills. With ...
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How to lead in the face of change

How to Lead in the Face of Change

Britain is facing an uncertain future. Yes, we are going to mention the ‘B’ word, because it is happening and it is going to bring ...
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Brexit and employment – what could it mean for you?

Brexit and Employment – What Could it Mean for You?

Ok so we are going to mention the ‘B’ word, but only because what happens in the coming month or months could have an impact ...
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