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GMD People Launch New Survey at Automotive Management Live

Following on from last year’s extensive research, which highlighted a demand for support to fill the significant gap in knowledge among the managers interviewed, around ...
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How we are working with Vauxhall to save them time and money

How We are Working With Vauxhall to Save Them Time and Money

With staff turnover rates in the automotive sector at up to 40%, it’s no wonder that recruitment is a particularly challenging aspect for many managers. ...
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Sorry Dolly, we're no longer working 9 to 5

Sorry Dolly, We’re no Longer Working Nine-to-Five

                The nine-to-five jobs of our parents’ generation are no longer the norm.   A recent YouGov survey shows ...
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The work place is changing - and changing fast

The Work Place is Changing – and Changing Fast

There’s no doubt about it, the rate of change in working practices and cultures is gathering pace. If we could turn back the clock just ...
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Leader or Manager? Would you know the difference?

Leader or Manager? Would You Know the Difference?

‘Leader’ and ‘manager’ are sometimes used as interchangeable terms. But in our opinion, they are very different. Let’s see what one of the world’s great ...
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