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The work place is changing - and changing fast

The Work Place is Changing – and Changing Fast

There’s no doubt about it, the rate of change in working practices and cultures is gathering pace. If we could turn back the clock just ...
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Leader or Manager? Would you know the difference?

Leader or Manager? Would You Know the Difference?

‘Leader’ and ‘manager’ are sometimes used as interchangeable terms. But in our opinion, they are very different. Let’s see what one of the world’s great ...
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70-20-10. Impacting our own leadership capabilities

Impacting Our Own Leadership Capabilities

Whether it’s emulating an inspirational boss, observing and learning from others, or seeking 360-degree feedback from the team, it seems that when leaders are looking ...
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What’s the key to developing leadership capabilities?

What’s the Key to Developing Leadership Capabilities?

If you want an organisation that achieves outstanding – and perhaps more importantly – sustainable results, you need effective leadership. And that’s truer today than ...
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Closing the gender gap in the automotive industry

Closing the Gender Gap in the Automotive Industry

              The automotive industry’s trade body, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), is headed up by a woman, ...
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The importance of being able to LEAD change rather than just be part of it

The Importance of Being Able to LEAD Change Rather Than Just be Part of It

              What is it about inspirational leaders that makes them so different?  Effective leaders equip their people with the ...
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