Over 60 years ago, The Chartered Management Institute was formed and developed the UK’s very first diploma in management studies. Since then the Institute has consistently been at the forefront of all aspects of management training and thinking and is today the only chartered professional body dedicated to ensuring continual high standards in both management and leadership.

Why Do My Managers Need a CMI Qualification?

In the 21st Century, there is more and more emphasis on performance, and the demand for skills is high. Yet many of the UK’s managers do not get the help and guidance they need to tackle the challenges of their roles. A CMI led management training course has a heavy focus on helping managers excel rather than simply just getting by. GMD People has become a CMI centre of learning so that we can ensure that our management and leadership training is not only of the highest standard, but we can also give our managers the skills they need to create and lead a thriving workforce.

Why is Management Training so important in today’s economic climate?

The UK is changing, rapidly, and for many reasons. Competition in business is high; the political climate is uncertain and will only become more turbulent. Realistically, no one really knows what the future holds for the UK. Add into this the arrival of the 4th Industrial revolution and the IoT and business changes in the blink of an eye. The way we communicate, the way we sell our products and services and the way we conduct business has changed significantly and will continue to do so. If businesses do not keep up, they will not survive. Just recently, we saw the collapse of one of our oldest institutions, Thomas Cook, a company that did not change pace to match the changes in how consumers buy their holidays. It must make businesses wonder, that if it can happen to them, it could happen to us and truth be told – it can.

Having strong leaders and managers at the helm of your business is the key to survival. The core of your business is the people that work in it, so surely getting the best performance out of your most important asset is the key to your success? 

What is it that managers today need to help build a successful business?

The people that are the driving force behind business today have greater expectations of what their job brings them personally. For many, money alone is no longer the motivation to succeed and thrive in the workplace. Today’s workforce wants to feel included, engaged and motivated and share the values of their employers. Employer brand and workplace culture are phrases that we hear all the time, and it is these qualities that the 21st-century worker holds in high regard. So functional managers that can put procedures in place and drive a workforce to comply are no longer what constitutes a successful leader. The 21st-century manager needs to be self-aware, have humility, empathy and strong emotional intelligence. These skills will help managers to engage with their teams and encourage collaborative working towards a common goal. When uncertainty floats on the horizon, our workers need to have a manager that they believe in and have the confidence that they will guide them in the right direction. Getting your team to have this ‘buy-in’ to their management requires strong interpersonal skills that mean a true connection is established, and the bond between employer and employee becomes united. We are all on the same course, and we are in it together. 

Why is a CMI qualified manager important for my business?

Many of the skills required from today’s managers are not inherent traits that we know how to demonstrate and communicate. All too often, managers are born out of their experience of their working environment but lack the vital skills needed to motivate and steer the business. According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workplace analysis, only 7% of UK employees are actively engaged at work, and this is primarily due to poor leadership and management. Can you afford to have 93% of your workforce not on board with your vision and goals? A professional CMI Management qualification can help your leadership teams to improve their performance, engage more actively with their teams and create a better performing organisation. Furthermore, a recognised CMI qualification speaks volumes to your clients. It demonstrates your commitment to not just your business, but your people. 

Find out more about how GMD People can help your business combat change, improve employee engagement and drive your business forward with our CMI management training programmes. 

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