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Digital Sales Creator

Dogital Sales Creator GMD

We might debate whether the economic recovery post the COVID-19 pandemic will be either a V or U shape, however one thing we can all be confident about is that our customers will want to conclude a large majority of the sales process over a digital platform rather than face to face in the medium term. Maximising your teams effectiveness and confidence over these platforms will be paramount to guarantee success and to grow your business. 

GMD People offer Digital Sales Creator, a Virtual Instructor Led Training Program to increase your conversion rate by enhancing the customer experience. Now that we are moving into live video it is even more important that your teams are up-skilled to deliver a professional live interaction with your customers over these
platform touch points.


  • Understanding the mindset of the post Covid-19 customer

  • Establishing and delivering successful outcomes

  • Build Rapport

  • Increasing Value around you and the service you offer

  • Develop Relationships by Creating Trust

  • Customer centric presence EQ and understanding the variables beyond price

  • Overcoming objections

  • Developing video presence and presenting skills

Tools & Strategies developed

  • Identifying & understanding personality types

  • Using the trust equation to build better relationships

  • Active virtual listening

  • Asking well formed outcome questions

  • Injecting energy & engaging your audience

  • Using NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming to understand and influence mindset

  • Introducing VHF phrase matching response

  • Video preparation, structure & impactful content

Platforms covered


E-mail Content

Live Video

At GMD People we focus on successful leadership and team development within the retail sector. Our goal is to unlock the talent and potential within people, to help them consistently perform at their very best. 

All our coaches have extensive experience of working within the retail environment allowing us to draw upon practical real-life examples when delivering our training and coaching programmes.

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