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How to Lead in the Face of Change

How to lead in the face of change

Britain is facing an uncertain future. Yes, we are going to mention the ‘B’ word, because it is happening and it is going to bring to change to business. The changes that Brexit will bring for businesses are still largely unknown, but it is important that business leaders are managing how these changes happen, and…

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Know Thyself…

Know thyself...

It is an Ancient Greek aphorism to know thyself, but what exactly does that mean? In truth, anything you want it to mean, but broadly it is about knowing your limitations and knowing your potential. Leaders of any organisation need to understand their strengths and their weaknesses to be successful, and with effective leadership being…

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Impacting Our Own Leadership Capabilities

70-20-10. Impacting our own leadership capabilities

Whether it’s emulating an inspirational boss, observing and learning from others, or seeking 360-degree feedback from the team, it seems that when leaders are looking to improve their own capabilities, it’s informal methods that are most popular.

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The Importance of Being Able to LEAD Change Rather Than Just be Part of It

The importance of being able to LEAD change rather than just be part of it

              What is it about inspirational leaders that makes them so different?  Effective leaders equip their people with the skills they need to thrive through change. And they drive business transformation – empowering their teams to embrace, rather than simply accept it.  According to global consultancy McKinsey & Company, change…

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Management & Leadership Accreditation

GMD People Ltd successfully works with various organisations in the automotive industry to develop its management and leadership capabilities    As part of our continuing growth in this area, we are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded the status of Approved Centre by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) for Management and…

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