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The Annual Appraisal

Here is a GMD post published on LinkedIn January 2017 Annual Appraisal

‘Accenture has taken a bold step of saying good-bye to annual performance reviews’ it reads in a well written post on LinkedIn in December 2016. And they are not alone, there is other evidence in articles written in good quality HR publications and on LinkedIn, about other Organisations doing the same. Annual Aappraisal

What Accenture and others have not said however, is they have stopped their Managers and Leaders conducting 1:1 reviews with their people.

Far from it, they are having more informal as well as semi-formal and on occasions I bet very formal reviews with their people as a norm. This is to ensure they are supported, coached, mentored, managed, led, delegated to, trained, motivated, engaged (need I go on?) to do a great job.

In years gone by, this is what the formal annual or half yearly performance review was designed to do, for those Managers who did not have the younger generations they were leading at the time, with all the social media, technology and therefore immediacy available to them today.

Our world has changed and those leading others have to change too, otherwise they will be left behind rapidly.

Things in life has simply evolved and moved on and credit to Pierre Nanterme Chairman and CEO of Accenture, who has recognised this and done something to keep his business moving with the times and for the the generation of staff who ‘do’ the day to day for him and his team.

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